AstLinux Add-Ons


Chrome OS "chromeos-ssd-write" script:

Shell script to write an AstLinux .img.gz or .iso image to a USB connected drive such as a Compact Flash Card adapter or SATA adapter.

Tested Chrome OS versions: 42.x (and newer)


Download last updated on: Saturday, Feb 06 02:59 UTC 2016
Untar's into current (./) directory: chromeos-ssd-write.tar.gz
Extract via "tar xzvf chromeos-ssd-write.tar.gz"

The chromeos-ssd-write script should have "chmod 755" permissions.
View the source as text: chromeos-ssd-write.txt

Documentation: (Using "ctl-alt-t" then "shell" in Developer Mode)

Usage: sudo bash chromeos-ssd-write sda|sdb|sdc|sdd image_file.img.gz|image_file.iso

Typically use 'sda', you will have the opportunity to confirm within the script before overwriting.
$ sudo bash chromeos-ssd-write sda image_file.iso

Be very careful to choose the correct drive!!!

Note: You may want to locate the script in /usr/local/bin/ where "dev_install" installs executables and in the default PATH. For example:
$ sudo cp chromeos-ssd-write /usr/local/bin/