AstLinux Add-Ons


Mac OS X "os-x-cf-write" script:

Shell script to write an AstLinux .img.gz or .iso image to a USB connected drive such as a Compact Flash Card adapter or SATA adapter.

Tested Mac OS X versions: 10.6.x through 10.14.x


Download last updated on: Friday, Feb 05 18:27 UTC 2016
Unzip's into current (./) directory:

The os-x-cf-write script should have "chmod 700" permissions.
View the source as text: os-x-cf-write.txt

Documentation: (Using the Terminal App)

Usage: ./os-x-cf-write diskN image_file.img.gz|image_file.iso

Without arguments, the script outputs the available drives. Recommended as the first step.
$ ./os-x-cf-write

Be very careful to choose the correct drive!!!

Note: Depending on your OS X version and account permissions, you may need to run the os-x-cf-write script via "sudo". For example:
$ sudo ./os-x-cf-write diskN image_file.iso